Your Guide to Creating an At Home Wine Tasting Experience for Any Occasion

Let’s Throw a Wine Party!



Whether gathering in person or virtually, our at-home wine Tasting Kits are the perfect way to connect and learn together!

What’s better than sharing a glass of wine with friends or family?! Our at-home Tasting Kits bring the winery experience to your next get-together. Read on for inspo and tips! 

District Winery offers three at-home Wine Tasting Kits – Signature (whites and reds) , Best Served Chilled (all white wine) and Shades of Red (speaks for itself!) – each with three full bottles and reusable tasting guides. Just pick your favorite Tasting Kit and read on to learn how to make it the centerpiece of your next celebration.



Wine and Cheese Pairing Party

Invite your friends and family to learn about wine and discover new flavors with a wine and cheese tasting party! Purchase your favorite wine Tasting Kit then shop for your favorite cheeses and snacks. We suggest a mix of soft, semi-soft and hard texture cheeses! The tasting note sheets in your kit can also be used to record your favorite pairings!


White wines will pair with rich, creamy cheeses like brie and goat cheese, while reds stand up against pungent aged gouda and cheddar.


Date Night

We all get tired of the dinner and movie routine, so why not try something new with your partner? Dial up your favorite playlist, grab your favorite snacks and taste your way through three different wines. While the weather is still beautiful, you can even take your tasting outside for a view of the sunset. This at-home date night activity is a great way to learn something new about your significant other!



Game Night

Maybe it’s poker night or maybe you’re playing an epic game of Catan, either way, a wine tasting is a great way to take a break from all that competition! But why not make your wine tasting into a game as well? Roll some dice to see who gets to taste first, then share your thoughts along the way!


Bachelor Watch Party with Wine

You and your friends have a LOT to catch up on, including the latest drama on Bachelor nation. So get the conversation started with a group wine tasting! It will help you get through the show’s roller coaster of emotions, and give you and your friends something to talk about when you hit one of those oh-so-cringey moments. You can even make the evening extra special by purchasing fun wine glasses or wine charms for each guest. 



Birthday Party

Save the hour-long drive to a winery and enjoy your own group wine tasting at home! Whether you prefer a themed gathering, a party-in-your-PJs or a fancier affair, we’ve got the rest covered. Just grab some fun snacks and appetizers and fill the table with wines, glasses, and the (included) tasting guides and notes sheets and you have a party!  And don’t forget to pick up an extra kit to give as a birthday gift! 


Bachelorette Party

Whether you’re in Austin, Nashville or anywhere in between, our wine Tasting Kit makes for the perfect chill afternoon or rainy day activity everyone can do in the hotel or rental home. Enjoy a relaxing tasting before you hit the town, and have your friends decorate their own wine glasses for a personalized memento they can take home! 



Outdoor Picnic

What’s better than drinking wine inside? Drinking wine outside, of course! Pack a Tasting Kit up with your blankets and snacks and enjoy a wine tasting al fresco! Our Best Served Chilled kit is great for a warm day and pairs with everything from potato salad to brats. Just bring along a small cooler to keep your wines cold!


Incorporate a wine tasting into any celebration! Stock up on your favorite wine Tasting Kits for year-round entertaining, gifting and more. Try all three of our current tasting kits and keep your eye out for new releases in the online store


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