Wine of the Month: Merlot


Whether you’re a year-round red wine drinker or a seasonal consumer, you’ll likely agree that autumn is the perfect time to break out a cozy glass of Merlot. It’s an approachable wine that’s full of ripe fruit flavor and offers an easy-drinking texture that’s perfect for your next movie night or for curling up on the couch with a book. However, it’s the balance of tannins and acidity that makes this wine so food-friendly and a great complement to all your favorites!

You may have found yourself with a bottle of our California Merlot in this month’s Wine Club shipment, which is currently one of two Merlots we’re offering online and at the wine bar (check out our Virginia Merlot here!). This particular wine is made from grapes sourced from the Suisun Valley of California, a unique wine-growing region with three distinct climate zones. In the “mid-valley,” growing conditions are idyllic as wind is buffered by mountains on either side and cool, moist air blows in from the ocean and San Francisco and San Pablo Bays to ease the effects of warm temperatures. 



Some have drawn similarities between this area and the prestigious Bordeaux region of France, with elegant, balanced wines resulting from ideal growing conditions and fertile soils. For fans of this style of red wine, you’ll love our Merlot’s bold profile and notes of blackberry jam, dried mint and cedar. The addition of Cabernet Sauvignon (just 4%) is what gives this wine a smooth, juicy texture and supple finish. 

There are plenty of foods that pair well with this wine, but when autumn rolls around, we can’t help but think of our favorite seasonal ingredients. Try a cranberry-infused Wensleydale cheese or mature cheddar for a pairing snack, or serve guests blue cheese and pears as a simple, but elegant appetizer. This wine will truly shine next to braised meat, grilled lamb chops or a rich, hearty pasta sauce, but will work equally well with roasted root vegetables or stuffed squash.

Visit the online store and keep yourself stocked for the season, then let us know what your favorite Merlot pairing is by emailing us at [email protected]! Cheers!