Tour & Tasting FAQs

You can visit the restaurant for a seasonal flight of three wines, or book a tour which includes a full tasting of seven wines. Our tasting bar is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Navy Yard metro stop is located 4 blocks from District Winery and is a  6 - 8 minute walk.

Our tasting bar offers 3 different flights of District Winery wines. Our tasting bar associates will walk you through each wine in the flight, discuss our winemaking process, as well as describe some of the history behind District Winery and our wines. Tastings usually last about 30 minutes.

Our tasting bar is a walkup bar and we do not have seating. We recommend visiting our restaurant and bar, Ana, if you would like to sit down while you enjoy a glass of wine and some food. 

District Winery is a unique operation that has both a restaurant and a tasting bar in the same building. Like at many other restaurants, guests can enjoy a bottle of wine in our bar, dining room, or on our patio. How our location differs from most traditional restaurants is that that we also have a tasting bar where guests can purchase bottles of wine to consume off-site, just like they would at a wine shop. Wine bottle prices in restaurants are inherently higher than to-go pricing at wine shops because of the added hospitality and service that guests receive while consuming the wine on-site. 

We only offer tastings at our tasting bar. We offer all of our wines by the glass in our onsite restaurant, Ana at District Winery.

We sell all of our wines to-go at the tasting bar.

We do not take reservations for the tasting bar.

We recommend parties of 6 or less for the best experience at the tasting bar. Due to high volume on the weekends, we may not be able to accommodate large walk-in parties. All members of your party must be present to start the tasting and we cannot guarantee that late arrivals will be able to find a spot at the tasting bar. We recommend that large parties visit on a weekday or buy tickets to one of our tours & tastings (up to 12 people per tour).

We do not allow any outside food or beverage at the tasting bar.

We do not allow any outside food or beverage at the tasting bar.

Winery tours generally last 90 minutes. In the event the group has a lot of questions or conversation, tours can take up to two hours.

Our tasting bar can get pretty busy on weekends, so please anticipate a 30-60 minute wait during peak times. We recommend visiting us during the week as there is rarely a wait.