Enjoy District Winery?  Try Brooklyn Winery! 

Same winemaker, same quality vineyards, same wine styles

District Winery opened its doors in 2017 as Washington DC’s first commercial winery. However, our story actually begins a little further north in New York at our sister location, Brooklyn Winery.

Established in 2010 in one of Brooklyn’s most vibrant neighborhoods, Brooklyn Winery offers a wide selection of award winning wines made by winemaker Conor McCormack. Brooklyn Winery ships all of their wines within New York state and ships select wines directly to DC, MD, and VA!

Wine makes the perfect gift for any occasion

Brooklyn Winery wines make the perfect gift for all of the wine lovers in your life, from friends and family to corporate contacts. Explore ever popular seasonal wine 3-packs, send your loved ones a few bottles of your favorite wine, or join the Brooklyn Winery wine club for the gift that keeps on giving! 

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