District Winery Wine Bar and Patio

DC Winery Waterfront Patio Reopening Friday, May 29th


We are excited to welcome you back to our socially distanced waterfront patio beginning this Friday, May 29th. Our top priority is providing a safe environment for our guests and employees while offering our DC made wines and food with a side of fresh air and full waterfront views. Our safety protocols and what you can expect if you choose to visit are detailed below.

At first, we will reopen with picnic-inspired, wine friendly snacks and light bites. We will add additional menu items in the coming weeks. Wines will be available by the bottle with a select few (our most popular!) available by the glass. We will also have a limited beer selection. Cocktails and spirits will not be available at first.


Patio Menu


How the process will work:

  • Patio seating will be available on a first come first serve basis. No reservations and no call ahead seating at this time. If we go on a wait, we will contact guests by phone when their table is available. We will not allow crowds or lines to form while guests are waiting for seating.
  • Hours of operation to start:
    • Wednesday and Thursday 3pm – 9pm
    • Friday and Saturday 1pm – 9pm
    • Sunday 1pm – 7pm
  • Upon arrival, guests will secure their patio seating availability then proceed to our ordering counter to order food and drinks. Guests will receive their ordered items at the counter and then proceed to their designated table.
  • To order additional food or drinks, guests will return to the counter.
  • Menus will be visible at the counter and on our website. No paper menus will be used.
  • Social distancing at the counter will be guided with clear markings on the ground.
  • Guests will pay for purchases before receipt so there will be no need to close checks at tables. This will allow for contactless and quick departure in the event of sudden inclement weather.
  • Customers will still be able to pre-order online for pickup and purchase wines to go onsite. This will be available at a counter separate from the ordering counter for patio guests.


What we are doing to ensure a safe environment:

  • All tables will be at least 6 feet apart to maintain a safe distance between parties.
  • Maximum party size at each table will be 6.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for guests and employees throughout. 
  • We have developed sanitation and safety procedures for thoroughly disinfecting tables and chairs between all seatings.
  • All staff will be wearing masks and gloves at all times.
  • We are requiring any staff entering the building to complete a safety screening questionnaire before they are able to begin their shift each day.
  • All food and beverage will temporarily be served in disposable containers to avoid any potential cross contamination. We will move to non-disposables when we feel we can safely do so.


What we ask of all guests:

  • Do not visit if you do not feel well. No one with a fever or symptoms of illness will be permitted on the patio or in the building.
  • Please maintain a safe distance from other guests and staff at all times.
  • Please wear masks as requested by DC officials. All guests entering the building to use the restroom must wear a mask while in the building. The restrooms will only be available to dining guests and to one guest at a time.
  • We will ask that each guest complete a brief contact tracing form per DC guidelines.

The coming days and weeks will be very different than pre-COVID times and we will undoubtedly learn a lot as we go. We will adapt as we learn and based on all customer feedback we receive. Our goal is to get back to providing great wine, food, and hospitality in a way that is safest for us all.


We sincerely thank those of you who have continued to support us throughout these times. While this next phase will look and feel a little bit different, we are looking forward to welcoming you back and being able to share in the things we all love.