Dinner Menu

Dinner Specials

A rotating selection of food and wine specials will be offered daily in addition to our regular dinner menu.


Small Plates 

Snack Trio   6
sweet spiced nuts, crispy cocktail mix, marinated olives 

Sourdough Spelt Bread   5
whipped chicken butter

Charred Spring Peas  13
green olive tapenade, pickled ramps, pistachio streusel 

Frisée & Watercress Salad  13
hearts of palm, white asparagus, shaved celery, black truffle-Meyer lemon vinaigrette

Charred Asparagus Salad   16
brown butter poached crab, pickled ramps, morel mushroom crémeux, savory-asparagus jus

Fried Brussels Sprouts  8
honey, pumpkin seed brittle

Golden Beet Muhammara   10
pomegranate, toasted almonds, Aleppo chile , candied lemon, fry bread

Fried VA Oysters   15
celery, horseradish foam, asparagus vichyssoise 

Duck Wings  13
green papaya salad, red curry glaze, pho aioli 

Three Artisanal Cheeses   19
pumpkin seed brittle, cherry-red wine chutney, honeycomb 

Wild Mushroom Toast   13
mushroom “faux gras”, hazelnut, shaved parmesan

French Onion Toast 13
gruyere mousse, crispy beef short ribs, caramelized onions, onion broth 

Rutabaga Pierogis  14
crisped lamb bacon, hard apple cider, chervil yogurt


Large Plates

Market Vegetable “Shawarma”  22
roasted vegetables, beet falafel, pink lentil hummus, creamy tahini sauce, lavash cracker 

Alaskan Halibut  34
fennel, snap peas, cockles, spring garlic cream 

Meadow Creek Grayson Cappelletti  21
pickled pear, cultured butter, onion petals, basil oil 

*Add rabbit sausage  6 

Roasted Free Range Chicken  29
foie gras kibbeh, spiced rice and lentils, asparagus labne, green harissa

Cedar River Farms New York Strip   34
creamy robuchon potatoes, watercress salad, cherry mustard, bone marrow vinaigrette 

Burger 17
gruyere, onion jam, garlic-truffle aioli, fries

*add bacon $2



Beet Falafel   8
creamy tahini sauce

French Fries  8
sea salt

Creamy Robuchon Potatoes  8



Apple, Caramel & Donuts    11
braised apples, caramel crémeux, cider donuts, smoked vanilla ice cream

Banana Split   11
strawberry crémeux, malt ice cream, banana jam

Tiramisu   11
chocolate crémeux, coffee-mascarpone mousse, marsala ice cream 

Strawberries & Cream   11
spruce panna cotta, roasted strawberry, green strawberry granita, strawberry chocolate crumble



*Menu and pricing subject to change.