Brunch Menu

To Start

Bacon Gruyère Scone  6
honey butter

Cinnamon Roll  7
breakfast sausage, cream cheese glaze 

Summer Greens Salad 13
pecorino, sunflower seed crunch, avocado green goddess

Golden Beet Muhammara 10
pomegranate, toasted almonds, Aleppo pepper, candied lemon, fry bread

Three Artisanal Cheeses 19
pumpkin seed brittle, cherry-red wine chutney, honeycomb

Peach Toast 12
sheep’s milk ricotta, smoked ham, aged balsamic glaze



Crab Scrapple 17
poached egg, charred scallions, imperial sauce, side salad 

Omelette Du Jour  15
3 egg omelet (rotating selection), side salad

Ricotta Pancake  16
gingered blueberries, lemon, maple syrup 

Chilaquiles  15
chorizo refried beans, tortilla terrine, eggs, cotija, sour cream

“Canele” French Toast  16
nutella, white chocolate crunch, whipped coconut cream

Steak and Eggs  19
scrambled eggs, sirloin, mixed greens, steak sauce 

Tuscan Kale Salad  18 
chicken, pickled cabbage, green farro, parmesan, pine nut, preserved lemon vinaigrette

Burger 17
gruyère, onion jam, garlic-truffle aioli, fries
add a fried egg 1 , add bacon 2

Ramen  16
braised pork, spinach, soft egg, shoyu broth


On the Side

Bacon 6

Breakfast Sausage 6

Beet Falafel  8

Hash Browns 7

Brioche Toast 4

Fries 6