Bar Menu Available Sunday – Thursday, 3:30pm – Closing*


Green Eggs and Ham  6
deviled eggs, crispy ham

Bar Snack Trio  6
sweet spiced nuts, crispy cocktail mix, marinated olives

Fried Brussels Sprouts 8
pumpkin seed brittle, honey

French Fries  6
garlic-truffle aioli 

Golden Beet Muhammara 10
pomegranate, toasted almonds, Aleppo pepper, candied lemon, fry bread

Wild Mushroom Toast 13
mushroom “faux gras,” hazelnut, shaved parmesan

Duck Wings 13
green papaya slaw, red curry glaze, pho aioli

Three Artisanal Cheeses 19
pumpkin seed brittle, cherry-red wine chutney, honeycomb

Carnitas Tacos  12
pickled onions, cilantro, avocado cream

Poutine 13
fries, cheddar cheese curds, braised beef short ribs, cognac gravy, béarnaise 

Pimento Grilled Cheese  16
challah, pepper-bacon cheese spread, pickled ramps, fries

Burger 17
gruyère, onion jam, garlic-truffle aioli, fries
add bacon 2

Sirloin Steak Frites  23
house-made steak sauce, side salad 


*Available only in the bar area.