Restaurant FAQs

You can enjoy a wine tasting at our tasting bar or during a tourOur knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have about the wine as well as food pairings!

The Navy Yard metro stop is located 4 blocks from District Winery and is a  6 - 8 minute walk.

District Winery is a unique operation that has both a restaurant and a tasting bar in the same building. Like at many other restaurants, guests can enjoy a bottle of wine in our bar, dining room, or on our patio. How our location differs from most traditional restaurants is that that we also have a tasting bar where guests can purchase bottles of wine to consume off-site, just like they would at a wine shop. Wine bottle prices in restaurants are inherently higher than to-go pricing at wine shops because of the added hospitality and service that guests receive while consuming the wine on-site. 

We will do our best to accommodate allergy and dietary restrictions. If you make a reservation, please enter allergy and dietary restrictions into the notes of the reservation, so that we can properly prepare. Please also notify your server upon arrival, so that we can offer appropriate dishes.

Cakes are allowed in the wine bar, but will incur a cutting fee. Please contact the winery to learn more.

We do not allow any outside food or beverage in our restaurant.

You can make a reservation for the patio on OpenTable. Our patio offers beautiful waterfront views and the comfort of a climate-controlled, all-weather space. 

We automatically add a 20% gratuity for all parties of 6 or more and you are welcome to add additional gratuity as you please.

A maximum of four (4) forms of payment may be used to split checks in our restaurant. You must notify your server at the beginning of service if you would like to split your check.

Smoking is prohibited on our patio.

We love your furry friends, and welcome them onto our patio!

To ensure the best experience for you, your dog, our staff, and other guests we kindly ask that you review and follow our dog policy, below.

  • Dogs must be attended by a human, on a leash, and out of the walkways at all times.
  • Please be aware that our patio is an active service area and there may be broken glass or other debris on the patio.
  • District Winery is not responsible for any injury to your dog, or any actions your dog takes towards other animals, guests, staff or property.
  • You are responsible for controlling your dog at all times and for your dogs actions towards other animals, guests, staff, and property.
  • Dogs (including service dogs) that are disruptive in any way to guests or staff may be asked to be put on the outside of the fence or removed from the property. Please respect our staff's decision to make this call, we are doing it for the safety of everyone including your dog
  • Dogs are not allowed in the building unless they are a service dog.
  • We have water bowls upon request, please just ask your server for one if needed.
  • If you have any questions about our policy, please ask for a manager.