Letter from the Winemaker: February 2022

Dear Wine Club Members,


Happy first wine shipment of 2022 and a warm welcome to all our new members! We’re excited to kick the year off with over 550 wine lovers who have found community in our District and Brooklyn Winery Wine Clubs. Whether you’re new here or have been with us from the start, we want to say thank you and cheers to a wonderful year of wine.

There’s a lot happening in the winery right now, including preparation for our first round of bottling! You can expect a new vintage of Rosé in the coming months as well as some refreshing whites, perfect for that warm weather we’re all ready for. Until then, stay cozy with some of my favorite winter wines, including our Riesling and Zinfandel!

And of course this is always a great time to try something new. If you have a goal of learning a new skill in 2022, why not give wine tasting a try? Your quarterly shipments are the perfect place to start your journey, so next time you open a bottle, try out this step-by-step method for wine tasting and let us know what you think!


Step One: See – Pour a small amount of wine in your glass (about two ounces) and observe the color and clarity of the wine. How intense is the color? If you tilt the glass and hold it over a light-colored piece of paper with text, can you read through it?


Step Two: Smell – Give your wine a swirl (this encourages contact with oxygen to release the full breadth of aromas!), hold the glass close to your nose and inhale. What do you smell? Some things you might detect include fresh and dried fruit, herbs, flowers, butter, wood, leather and spices.


Step Three: Sip – Taste your wine and let it swirl around your mouth for a second or two. What do you taste? How long does the flavor linger? Do you notice any mouth-watering acidity or mouth-drying tannins? And lastly, enjoy!


As always, we encourage your questions and comments! If you have a question for our winemaking team or simply want to share your favorite pairings, please send us an email at [email protected].



Erik Subrizi and Phil Arras

Winemakers, District Winery


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