FAQs Category: Wine Club FAQs

What wines will be in my wine club shipments?

Quarterly club releases will be carefully selected by our winemaker and will include a variety of our wine portfolio. Club members will receive an email 7-10 days before each quarterly shipment and will have the opportunity to customize their club order. 

Can I customize my wine club shipments?

Yes, all wine club shipments are customizable. You will receive an email 7-10 days before each shipment that will prompt you to login, review the quarterly club release and your shipping and billing information, and make any necessary changes. Some wines will be required with each shipment but some will be swappable. You will also … Continued

When will I receive my wine club order?

Wine Club orders are shipped quarterly in February, May, September, and December and will be delivered within 2-5 business days of when the wine is shipped. Your first order will be sent to you during the next scheduled shipment cycle if you sign up for the club at least seven (7) days before that shipment. … Continued

Where do you ship?

Due to various state laws we are unable to ship to all 50 states. Please view our Shipping Information page for the latest list of states to which we ship.