FAQs Category: Cabana FAQs

What Happens if I Don’t Reach the Minimum Spend?

Your booking charge is considered a guarantee of your minimum spend. Once the minimum spend has been reached, your deposit will be credited towards your final check. Should the minimum spend not be reached, we would encourage you to use the balance towards a bottle of wine to take home.

How Do the Cabana Food & Wine Packages Work?

Exclusive cabana food and wine packages are available on the final booking screen. The packages can be preselected during the booking process and will apply toward the booking minimum charged at the time of booking. Any packages selected totaling more than the booking minimum charged at the time of booking will be the responsibility of … Continued

What is the Sanitation Fee?

A $25 sanitation fee will be added to each booking to help cover the cost of cleaning and sanitizing the Cabanas, as well as maintaining state-of-the-art air purifiers for a safe dining experience. 

Can I Reserve a Cabana for Longer than Two Hours?

Each time slot must adhere to a strict two-hour maximum. If you would like to use the Cabana for longer than two hours, you may reserve two time slots back to back. Please keep in mind that minimums will have to be met for both time slots.   

Can I Bring Decorations or Cake?

You may bring decorations in the Cabanas. We just ask that you do not bring confetti or anything that needs to be fixed to the walls. You may bring a cake, however we will not be able to store it for you.