Unique Team Building Ideas - Blending Session

Blending Session

  Wine blending involves mixing different types of wine, which many wineries do to polish their wines before bottling. This interactive activity allows guests to explore the art of blending while also getting to know each other. Our blending session is one of our most unique team building ideas.

Wine Games

This fun, social teambuilding activity combines everyone’s favorite games into an event filled with trivia, blind tastings, and even a label making contest—with plenty of delicious wine throughout. 

True Wine Detective

The True Wine Detective team activity is a crash course on identifying wines with only the clues of sight, smell, and taste. When a master sommelier identifies a grape varietal and vintage, it’s practice in deductive reasoning and correctly identifying the right “clues.” In teams, guests will embark on this same clue-finding mission while blind tasting through four different … Continued