Event Bussers

Event Bussers contribute to the overall experience by cleaning, clearing and setting tables for guests, stocking supplies, and resetting event areas. Event Bussers represent the team and are to help provide a quality experience for guests. Event Bussers work in close collaboration with other staff and must adhere to established health and safety standards. Event Bussers also maintain the cleanliness, presentation and ambiance of the event space which is an integral part of the guests’ experience.


  • Clear used items from guests spaces and clean tables between customers to ensure a hygienic dining environment
  • Set up, move, flip, and break down tables, chairs, bars and other event items in accordance with event floorplans to ready the space before, during and after each event. Assist with post-event cleanup, including furniture breakdown, garbage removal, and other closing list tasks.
  • Support staff members and assist team members where needed
  • Serve water & wines to guests upon arrival
  • Greet guests upon arrival for events and direct guest traffic through event spaces
  • Deliver used dishes and utensils to the kitchen for cleaning
  • Return all DW decor items to storage
  • Abide by sanitation, health and company guidelines concerning safety, cleanliness, safe food handling and alcoholic beverages
  • Attend meetings and trainings as requested, including pre-shift meetings
  • Assist with training of new staff
  • Adhere to grooming, conduct and uniform standards
  • Prepare event space by setting tables, candles, napkins, service plates, glassware and utensils
  • Fold napkins and polish all eventware, set up stations, and prepare for the next shift
  • Execute opening and closing procedures as directed
  • Be comfortable with extreme weather during service of outside dining areas
  • Other duties as required
  • Cross-training in other areas of business as required

Skill Requirements

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Prior customer service or busser experience preferred
  • Food and wine knowledge preferred
  • Adaptability and ability to think on your feet
  • Ability to work quickly and with great accuracy and attention to detail
  • Strong work ethic
  • Collaboration and dedication to team goals required
  • Strong troubleshooting skills
  • Strong desire to interact with customers in a service setting
  • Highly organized and systematic in work
  • Ability to stand for prolonged periods of time
  • Ability to bend, stoop and lift at least 25-50 pounds
  • Proficient in English
  • Flexibility and adaptability

How to Apply: Please send your resume to [email protected]