The District Winery Winemaking Process

Winemaker Conor McCormack heads up the winemaking program at the only operational commercial winery located in Washington, DC, sourcing grapes from boutique vineyards from across the country. Making a broad portfolio of wines each year has plenty of challenges, but the passion and dedication from everyone involved—from the farmer in the field to the winery production team, as well as the staff who pours wine for our guests—makes it all worthwhile.


From our first vintage our goal was clear: make incredible wine from world class vineyards.

Because our wineries are not located in grape-growing regions (not many vines are located in DC) we contract our grapes directly with growers, some who only farm grapes, while others also make wine.

Sourcing fruit from esteemed growers around the country gives us the unique opportunity to showcase wine styles that reflect the diverse range of climates and growing conditions we have here in the United States. We carefully choose vineyards based on a variety of parameters, including soil type, trellis and canopy management, rootstock, and variety match, but most importantly, the people who farm the land.